Our ABCs



Our ABC's

At BBT, our team single-heartedly strives for excellence. Each person’s beauty is infinite! There is always a scope of improving the grandeur inside-out! Our runway experts discern the very fact and provide hand-crafted services for you!
Styling • Spa-Men/Women


Devote to the grandeur of your hair; it is the diadem that reflects your poise! Although your hair is just a protein thread that grows from fossils found in the live tissue of your skull, it has gained a great bearing in all minds when defining beauty! Our hair rituals will help you achieve the “good hair day” every day!

Our Services:

  • Cut & Style: Men/Women

Crafting makes everything better! With our hair and beard artist, now get yourself a new demeanor!

  • Hair Rituals: Men/Women

Spend an alluring day indulging in our hand-crafted bangs spa! Experience heaven on earth!

  • Rainbow Color: Men/Women

Get the best of colors at your feet and let them adorn your hair like a crowned jewel! Give our wizards a chance to enhance your semblance!

  • Flawless Hair: Men/Women

Inner beauty is great, but fabulous hair doesn’t hurt! Our magicians will transform your locks with our various straightening, smoothening, keratin treatments and hair moisturizing techiniques!

Facials • Care-Men/Women


A marvelous skin is a sign of an exceptional skin care!

A radiant skin makes you a more confident person and great skin doesn’t happen by chance, it happens by appointment! BBT team is all set you give a glow on your face; all you need to do is make a choice!

  • Skin Rituals: Men/Women

The best foundation you can wear; is glowing healthy skin! Our skin experts will make you gleam with brilliance!

Art • Style


Life is not perfect but your nails can be!

Get the latest trends and the chicest looks with the perfect nails! Flaunt away, you deserve it! Let our nail technicians assist you to have the world at your fingertips!

  • Nail extensions
  • Nail arts
  • Party Nails
  • Glitter Nails
  • Custom nail designs
Special • Casual-Men/Women


Makeup is a powerful way to flaunt your awesomeness! Inner beauty is only enhanced with makeup! At BBT, we celebrate this uniqueness of being you and spree it a step closer to being exceptional! Let our runway experts make you red carpet ready!

Our Services:

  • Bridal& Pre-bridal

Be the queen of hearts and steal those admiring, envious glances Let is conspire together and leave them all star-struck with our bridal and pre-bridal makeup accord!

  • Corporate:

Tailor-made glamour for your everyday walks of life! Be it a corporate evening, or an office party, BBT team makes you all ready for every occasion!

  • Special Events:

Make special celebrations more exceptional by your presence! Our make-up artists will make your aura glow!